Welcome to the Web Site of Professor Collin Hughes

I am currently an adjunct faculty member in the English Department at three different universities teaching exclusively online. I teach Humanities, American Literature, Ancient Literature, Mythology, Writing and Rhetoric and Second year Composition.

I was born in a small logging town in northern Idaho, which makes my presence in higher education a mystery, a miracle, or a mistake. The first and only member of my family to earn a college degree, I receiving an MA in English Literature from the University of Idaho when the first George Bush was in the White House.

At present, I am teaching an American Literature course at Boise State University and a Writing and Rhetoric course at Washington State University. I invite students to discover their own voice without fear, to see themselves and other students as fellow travelers in an investigation of human feelings, ideas, expressions, and experiences through a study of literature and college argument.  With respect, curiosity, and compassion in play, I believe in establishing a learning environment where students can best use academic technologies in the pursuit of authentic, literate, and virtuous lives.

My recent volunteer work on the Salmon River, as a biological technician looking for the elusive and extirpated Tiger Beetle, has allowed me more readily to study the interrelationships between philosophy, literature, and the hard sciences, which, I admit, may cause dizziness or motion sickness.